The Global Theological Seminary has only two courses, theological department. It is the interdenominational school, and it may have24 branch campuses through the world and all the branches will teach the same courses. And quite a few eminent professors will teach it alternatively in English to exchange their experience with that of others and they will try really hard to bring up goods leaders in the 21st century.

To give the aim and the meaning of life and the sound sense of values to modern men who have poor idea and to make out the problems fundamentally such as the shortage of natural resources, the environmental pollution, the haves and the havenots, and the social responsibility of modern science which we have confronted, the seminary will do its best to find out good ones to lead them to cultivate the method to work them out.

The development of transportation and communication system has come to cause all the world to live in a village of the earth as neighbor. Here, to reform the wrong points of the church, the school has come to have the spirit of theological education and the purpose of it as follow

1.       It has aimed to educate them to know Jesus Christ rightly, to believe in Him personally and to preach Him Biblically and to learn and imitate Him every day to mature toward Him.

2.       It has aimed not to explain God logically and scientifically, but to interpret our believing in Him so that theology should be a sound learning.

3.       It has aimed to educate sound and eminent leaders who can change the one which has weight on the nice building, rituals and its leader, the pastor, into the one which puts importance of Jesus Christ, His teachings, and their living.  

4.       It has aimed to bring up the eminent and devoted leaders who can lead the modern churches divided and separated to be united into the one and to cooperate with one another to spread the gospel to all over the world.

5.       It has aimed to lead them not to bless and control the believers but to love and serve each other: not only singing their salvation but also living a life of the saved one; and to realize His kingdom on earth.


To fulfill the 5 said purposes, the seminary will cause them to study history, literature, natural sciences, and social ones too. 

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