Our Philosophy

  • Theological Sound

    We believe that Theology is key to our understanding of God and our faith in God and in Jesus Christ. We believe that…

  • Tuition Free

    Our philosophy is that theological education should be as low costs as possible and it should be the responsibility of the church to…

  • Christ Centered

    We believe that Jesus Christ is the center of the church, center of our relationship with God. We believe that He has been…

Why choose us ?

We are a nonprofit theological seminary with love for Christ and His Gospel. Many of our courses are built upon J-Term concept of short but intense courses. However our Professors teach with a heart of for God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

GTS Requires that Professors have years of experience prior to becoming on staff, we also allow qualified graduates who show strong potential in their field to become lectures or Professors in our seminary. 

We gain nothing from our students, all tuition costs are covered by third party supporters. This provides us a chance to insure that we are not personally benefiting at any level on the cost and labor of our students. 

We believe that the church has lost its way to the culture of the world and has lost sight of Jesus Christ. We teach to support the church, the body of Christ for a better church that loves Jesus Christ and stays true to its Gospel. 

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