Here is a list of Current Faculty of GTS  [Name (church affiliation)

  • Rev. Dr. Crifford Kyaw Dwe (Methodist)
  • Rev. Dr. Doh Say (Methodist)
  • Dr. Samuel Lee (Non-Affiliated)
  • Ahron Mamman (Methodist)
  • Argyro Kasotaki (Methodist)
  • Rhe Chung HI (Methodist)
  • Nae Won Jeong (Methodist)
  • Rev. Dr. Choonshik Zang (President of the Seminary) (Methodist Pastor)

In Honor of our Founder, Dr. Soonjick Bae, we have placed him as Faculty permanently. His passing was a sad time for GTS this past December 2015. 


Here are the requirements of our faculty of GTS: 

  • Has taught theology and the Bible for the past 20 years 
  • or who has an experience of teaching for the last 20 years 
  • or has been a graduate of GTS Master or Doctor program

Above all, we put more importance on personal academic activity and his pious sincere life than the degree. And however good degree and career he had, he should be classified by what he can do and what he is now.